• Harbin Grand Theatre

    Harbin Grand Theatre

    Located in the riverside wetland on the north bank of the songhua river, the Harbin cultural center covers an area of 1.8 square kilometers with a construction area of 79,000 square meters.In February 2010, MAD won a competition to design the cultural center.The entire complex is expected to be completed in 2014 and will host the city's famous music event, the Harbin summer concert, in July of that year.

  • Collins street, Melbourne

    Collins street, Melbourne

    A real-time weather display has been installed on the facade of 888 Collins street in Melbourne, with LED line lights covering the entire 35m-high building.The weather display is not the big electronic screen we usually see. It is a public artwork of lighting design combining low-resolution digital screen and architectural lighting.

  • Grand Hyatt Lijiang Jinmao Hotel

    Grand Hyatt Lijiang Jinmao Hotel

    What immediately appears in your mind when thinking of lijiang?Is it its unique natural scenery?Or the simple national culture?

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