Human Centric Lighting

  • UGR<16

    1. Hotel. 2. Conference Room. 3. Factory & office. 4. Commercial Lighting. 5. Residential & Public Facility. 6. School. 7. Hospital.

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  • LED Flexible Strip - Full-Spectrum Series - 2835 60LED 12V GL-12-F152

    1. Plus Series using top quality material, such as Epistar chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, ShinEtsu & Dow Corning glue, Heraeus 99.99% pure golden wire, purecopper & fresh stand etc. 2. Full-spectrum light, excellent color rendition ability with typical optical parameters of Ra (avg R1~R8)=97, Ra’(avg R1~R15)=95, R9≥90, Rf (Fidelity Index)=95, Rg (Relative Gamut Index)=100, specific for high chromaticity application. 3. Decorating backlight and indirect lighting for showcase, shelf, cabinet, billboard, signage, hotel, garden, bridge, corridor, ceiling, stair, floor, cove, theatre, lift etc.

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