IP67 Triple View Series

  • LED Neon Light - IP67 Triple View Series - Side-Bend NS-307

    LED Neon Light - IP67 Triple View Series - Side-Bend NS-307

    1. Plane profile allows installation and application in surface mount or flush mount.
    2. 3-sided multi-directional viewing with wide beam angle presents 3D vivid performance.
    3. On field free-cutting and assembly to be any length, endcap sealed by gluing process.
    4. Customized length with overall appearance in the same size by die-casting process.
    5. Dimmable available with PWM signal.
    6. Compared with traditional fragile glass and harden/yellowing easily PVC sheathing material, silicon extrusion technology is an advanced process, with high-efficiency production capacity and environmentally-friendly characteristics. Additionally, with high grade appearance, soft bend flexibility, strong impact resistant and high weather resistance.
    7. 50,000h long lifespan, 5 years warranty, for indoor usage. 36,000h long lifespan, 3 years warranty, for outdoor usage.
    8. UL & TUV-CE approval.

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