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General Lighting is TRULY UNIQUE in the field of linear lighting. We are the ONLY company in flexible strip that owns our own FPC and LED MANUFACTURING. This means that we BENEFIT from managing the supply chain from raw material stage, not just for our own products, but for a significant part of the strip industry.

Customer Driven Philosophy
Customer Driven Philosophy

Company Target: To develop into a technology LED, high end and internationally recognized LED lighting group. Company Values: Honesty, respect and responsibility to provide the foundation for great partnerships. Company Mission: Consistently deliver the best service, quality and manufacturing experience to our customer. Company Philosophy: Customer-centric, quality-life, innovation-driven and service-fundamental.


Including General Lighting, Microshine is a group has 8 subsidiaries in total, their product lines cover LED encapsulation, LED flexible PCB, LED driver, LED intelligent controller, LED luminaires, hardware fitting and optical material, and forms a complete vertical supply chain in LED linear lighting industry. Microshine group has 50,000 square meters of plant area and 1200 employees, 300 peoples of them are engaged in R&D, engineering and quality departments.

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    2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition headed by the Light + Building event in Frankfurt, is the largest and most complete lighting exhibition in Asia. Thanks to the favorable situation in china which allows to host such a comprehensive lighting event for different companies around the world, on 10th-13th, 2020. Based on the theme of THINK LIGHT: Envisage The Next Move, aims to show the innovation in lighting industry around the world. Talking about innovation, General Lighting is known for its exceptional OEM services around the world since 2008. We believe that it’s our innovation, quality and service which gives us sustain competitive advantage. The R&D team translates our customer needs into a perfect lighting product, through our marketing staff and multilingual sales staff. We always care what we hear, and we act what we promise too, since customer-centric is our core business philosophy.

  • (November, 2020) Newsletter

    2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, is the largest and most complete lighting exhibition in Asia. Due to various considerations, it's postponed in this year from 9th-12th, Jun. to 10th-13th, Oct. Finally, thanks to the favorable situation in China, which allows us to host such a comprehensive lighting event for different companies around the world.

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